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The Barton General wishes to revive the significance of the ‘local butcher’ as a focal point of the community, and a direct connection to our most precious food source: local farms.

It is our mission to encourage people to move away from big box grocery stores in favour of small independently-owned grocers like The Barton General, which directly support local farmers.

Quality and sustainability are driving forces behind the product we serve. Customers looking for excellent locally raised meat, sustainably sourced fish and artisanal bread can not only consume better tasting food, but can also contribute to creating a smaller footprint on the earth.








T-F 10.00 AM - 7.00 PM

Sa 9.00 AM - 7.00 PM

Su 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM



our product


The General evokes a time before the rise of supermarkets and the mass-production of meat, when shopping for groceries was often done at the local butcher, and the meat people consumed was raised by local farmers.

From Cambridge to Collingwood, Stratford to Lincoln, we source all of our meat from small, local Ontario farms, choosing the highest quality product our province has to offer. We also ensure our meat is 100% drug free, because YUCK!

Custom orders available.


Our boutique bakery specializes in artisanal “Old World” bread, meaning we make bread the old school way, sourcing organic grain from local Ontario grain farms and using the natural process of fermentation to make bread. In other words, all of our bread is “sourdough”, otherwise known as a naturally leavened bread. The fermentation of grains not only increases the availability of nutrients, it makes the naturally difficult to digest grain much easier to metabolize. Long fermentation time = healthier bread = healthier gut. Humans have been making bread this way for over 30,000 years, hence why at The General we call it “Old World Bread”.

We focus strongly on the terms flour for flavour, and would like to build on the notion of “Ontario bread terroir” and grain having terroir.

fish monger

We always have a small, carefully curated selection of fish and seafood. When weather permits we source fresh fish from local Ontario brook or open lake farms including Kalapore Springs, and Manatoulin Island.

When we source Ocean fish it is only from Ocean Wise and/or Organic Ocean certified fisheries, meaning all of the seafood we use is caught sustainably without affecting surrounding aquatic life.


Our line of house-made pantry items, General Pantry Products, are made from locally sourced ingredients. Vegetables are purchased from Ontario farmers when they are in season and pickled, or transformed into sauces, mustards, jams and more!


Breakfast (All Day)

Breakfast Plate.................... 5

w/ two eggs your way + bacon + toast

Breakfast Sandwich................. 8

w/ peameal + egg + cheddar cheese + maple bourbon mustard 


Avocado............ 8

w/ boiled eggs + chili

Gravlax............ 8

w/ house cured salmon + cream cheese + capers

PB & J............. 8

w/ house made peanut butter + house made jam

Heirloom Tomato & Ricotta............ 8

w/ basil + fresh cracked black pepper


The General Burger........ 15

w/ ‘merican cheese + b&b pickles + lettuce + tomato

MTL Smoked Meat........... 15

w/ ballpark mustard + salty pickles (Make it a reuben for 18)

Grilled Cheese............ 12

w/ sourdough + Comté + crispy prosciutto

Cheese Plate.............. 10

w/ daily selections

Charcuterie Plate......... 10

w/ daily selections

Steak..................... MP

(choose a steak, we cook it.)


Get your favourite sandwiches and breakfast delivered right to your door!



Interested in learning how to make your own sourdough and other baked goods? Our bakery offers weekly workshops in the art of sourdough bread making.

Click on the image below for a more detailed breakdown of what to expect in our Intro to Sourdough Workshop.



The Barton General is also a bread and pantry wholesaler. Please click on the image below to see our current wholesale list.

For more information please contact us at info@bartongeneral.ca



The Barton General offers a delicious, fresh and wholesome catered lunch.

Please give us a call at 905.523.8553 or email at info@bartongeneral.ca for more information on placing an order.